Hurricane Ian is one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the United States, making landfall in our home state of Florida. The destruction to our Southwest communities is devastating; and the West Coast and Central Florida areas are experiencing significant impacts as well. In the face of all the challenges that came with Hurricane Ian, our teams took quick action and provided support to the communities they serve, while balancing the safety of their team members. This is no small feat and was a remarkable, orchestrated effort! The team effort was a true representation of Tijuana Flats’ strong culture and our mission and core values being brought to life in a purposeful way to impact our communities. Here are ways in which Tijuana Flats, our franchisees, and their teams will continue to provide support to the Hurricane Ian efforts:

Flats Family Fund Helps Offer Flats Team Members Relief

Throughout the year Tijuana Flats supports the Flats Family Fund to ensure that in times of need and unexpected tragedy, our team members can look to the Just in Queso Foundation for assistance. An additional $5,000 was donated to the fund by Tijuana Flats as soon as Ian’s impact became apparent.

This fund embodies the very essence of the Tijuana Flats’ core values and mission. The fund was founded by employees, for employees, to enable our team members to lift each other up in times of need. Our Southwest, West Coast and Central Florida teams have experienced loss and tragedy due to Hurricane Ian. Many of our franchisees and their team members have donated directly to the Flats Family Fund to provide support for our team members who are in need from Hurricane Ian.

Supporting Frontline Workers

So many of our franchisees took quick action to support each other and our communities. Meals were provided to first responders, line workers, and the various volunteers providing aide. The day following the storm, the Port Charlotte and Bonita Springs locations (the areas affected most by Ian) served over 150 FPL workers, 500 first responders, and the families of all their team members. For many communities, Tijuana Flats was one of just a few places open, serving hot food. Providing this support should continue through the relief efforts. We encourage and empower all of our franchisees to provide meals to frontline workers supporting the Hurricane Relief Efforts.
Tijuana Flats and The Just in Queso Foundation have a long-standing partnership with the American Red Cross. We will be partnering with them to collect donations that will go specifically to providing disaster relief to the people affected by Hurricane Ian.

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