Tijuana Flats franchise owners benefit from many services and support that contribute to their long-term business success. The following are just some of the ways we help our franchisees turn up the heat on their business.

1. Use Our Hi-Tech Solutions to Boost Efficiency

Tijuana Flats has a new approach that uses design and technology to boost efficiency. This includes digital menu boards and digital pickup status boards along with a kitchen layout that maximizes output. Indoor and patio seating provide necessary choice options.

2. Access Reliable Suppliers to Cut Costs Not Quality

With ongoing supply chain issues, this support is critical to business success. Our franchisees use Tijuana Flats’ negotiated supplier relationships to gain access to quality supplies essential for their operations. This is a valuable benefit because franchisees know they are going to get the best supplies for the best price.

3. Receive Ongoing Training to Meet Business Goals

Our proven system works, so we make sure all new franchisees are properly trained on how we sauce like a boss. All new franchisees receive comprehensive initial training to learn effective ways to manage operations, meet business goals, and use our system most effectively.

4. Use Corporate Marketing to Build Business

Tijuana Flats is a respected brand. We will help franchisees build awareness in their community by assisting with social and digital media as well as billboards and radio, special events, limited-time offers, local store marketing training, community outreach, loyalty program, menu updates, as well as providing access to our complete library of marketing assets for use.

5. Implement Online Ordering to Increase Sales

We have relationships with the top third-party food delivery services, and we routinely run special offers to help increase sales from this important revenue source. In addition, our Tijuana Flats app is another way we help increase online transactions for increased revenue for franchisees.

6. Use Our Proven Business Plan to Build a Successful Business

Our proven business system delivers an effective infrastructure for profitability. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our franchisees follow a proven path that other franchisees have already taken. All of the guess work is removed and the pitfalls of being a new business owner are avoided.

Service is at the Heart of Everything We Do

These are just a few ways Tijuana Flats helps franchisees succeed. We also put a sharp focus on customer satisfaction because we know we can’t build a Flats nation without creating happy customers. All of the approaches we use to help our franchisees be successful at their core have customer satisfaction in mind.

Tijuana Flats has a corporate environment that encourages and rewards franchisees and their employees to put their customers first and to give back to the communities they serve through opportunities like our Just in Queso Foundation.

Supporting Our Common Goal

We share a common goal with each of our franchisees: to grow their businesses. This is why we work so hard to ensure we have comprehensive systems and support in place to achieve this goal, making Tijuana Flats the most profitable franchise to own. Join us in providing Tex-Mex For All nationwide!

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